Spectroscopy Digital Workshops & Bootcamps Webinar Series

Hone your lab skills, outside the lab, with our live, interactive series of virtual workshops and software bootcamps! Learn about the latest in software solutions for Spectroscopy, discuss the entire analytical process from method development to data analysis, and participate in live analytical runs with our experts. We hope these will prepare you for future hands-on events in the future.



From Single Cell and Nanoparticle Analysis to Laser Ablation and Beyond: Advanced ICP-MS Research Applications

This discussion will include an overview of NanoParticle, Single Cell, Speciation, Laser Ablation, and other hyphenated ICP-MS applications that can advance your research and development with unparalleled insights.


L. Craig Jones
ICP-MS Application Scientist,
Agilent Technologies, Inc.



Microplastic Pollution: IR Microspectroscopy is Enhancing Chemical Identification


Dave Schiering
Founder & Chief Technology Officer



Tips and Tricks Workshop on ICP-OES: Smarter Method Development

Techniques on how to achieve the best sensitivity and detection limits through tuning techniques and strategies.


Ana García González
Atomic Spectroscopy Application Scientist
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Christopher Conklin
Product Specialist
Agilent Technologies, Inc.



Microplastics in Wastewater: A Population-Based Approach to Identifying Potential Sources


Ian Eggleston
Masters Student in Plant and Soil Sciences
Stockbridge School of Agriculture, UM, Amherst



Innovations in ICPMS Software: Making the Most of Your Analysis

Recent innovations in ICPMS MassHunter and how these innovations can assist analysts be more confident in their data.


Bert Woods
Application Scientist
Agilent Technologies, Inc.



Moving from R&D and Limited QC on a UV-Vis-NIR instrument to Large Scale QC Using an Autosampler


Mark Fisher, PhD
Application Engineer, Molecular Spectroscopy
Agilent Technologies, Inc.



Tips and Tricks on ICP-OES for Best Detection Limits and Less Carryover

When it comes to detection limits we all want to achieve the lowest possible values. Learn all the tips and tricks and select the proper components of an ICP-OES sample introduction system to optimize your data quality. Take advantage of the smart and easy features of Agilent’s ICP-Expert software to enhance instrument performance and remove carryover.


Sima Singha, PhD
ICP-OES Application Scientist, Atomic Spectroscopy
Agilent Technologies, Inc.



Identification of Incoming Raw Materials in Paper Bags, Sacks, Tubs, Bottles, and Barrels


Luciana Terra
Application Scientist, Molecular Spectroscopy
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


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Modernise Your Lab with Intelligent Software

To move into the digital age, you need software that can help you manage the growing amount of data generated by the modern lab. The right tools help turn that data into actionable insights and keep your lab operating efficiently. Today’s laboratory software solutions need to easily migrate data and methods from aging platforms and simplify data analysis and reporting tasks.

This webinar explores key features laboratory software must have to meet the demands of today’s laboratory. It also discusses the best process to migrate methods and data to the latest software platform. Another touchpoint is how to increase productivity and accessibility of instruments through a modern cloud-based architecture.



Kathleen O’Dea
Application Engineer
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Kathleen O’Dea has a 20-year history with Agilent’s OpenLab products. As an Informatics Application Engineer, Kathleen has visited customers around the world in a wide variety of market areas, helping them select and implement OpenLab software products.

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Chemetrix laboratory software offers the control that businesses demand, as well as the flexibility and technical functionality that cutting-edge labs require. Our portfolio includes data systems for analytical instrument control and data analysis, Lab Information Management (LIMS) and Inventory Management Systems and additional software packages for data visualization and mining.


Chromatography Data Systems

OpenLab Software portfolio is an integrated suite of products that includes sample management, data acquisition, data analysis, data management, lab workflow management. These products easily integrate to work together to cover the analytical workflow from the moment the analytical request is generated until the data are archived. OpenLab software improves lab throughput and the quality of your results and will be an integral part of your data integrity strategy.



OpenLab CDS for ChemStation Users Submitting and Managing Runs

OpenLab CDS for ChemStation Users Acquisition Methods

OpenLab CDS for ChemStation Users – Control Panel

OpenLab CDS for ChemStation Users – Create a Sequence

OpenLAB Chemstation – Editing an Existing Intelligent Report

OpenLAB Chemstation – How to Create a Multi-level Calibration Curve

OpenLAB CDS – How to Zoom In and Out of a Chromatogram

OpenLAB CDS – How to view Audit Trails



Data Integrity Tips for Laboratories Part 1

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The MassHunter software suite supports efficient data acquisition, qualitative data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and reporting for Agilent GC/MS, LC/MS and ICP-MS systems.



How to summate peaks in MassHunter Quant

The use of Sublists in MassHunter Quant

MassHunter PDF Report Builder Existing Templates and Column Edits