Support when
you need it.
Support when
you need it.
Chemetrix guarantees customer satisfaction of the highest level. When there’s a problem with your analytical instrumentation, we’re here to help and minimize loss of productivity.

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Welcome to the one-stop shop for troubleshooting! Our aim is to provide easy to implement solutions for common challenges. Should you require further help, our experts are able to assist. Click the links on the left for tailored support.

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Well-trained lab personnel can drive efficiency and productivity. Stay on the leading edge of protocols with these educational resources that unlock your full potential with training that builds knowledge and confidence.

Chemetrix Academy

We know the importance of well-trained lab personnel—not only for lab efficiency and productivity, but also for your career success. At the Chemetrix Academy, we’re dedicated to providing you flexible, cost-effective training options to help you reach your goals.

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