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ICP Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Chemetrix’s market-leading inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) systems provide flexible and reliable solutions for elemental analysis. Our single quadrupole ICP-MS and triple quadrupole (ICP-QQQ) instruments offer the highest matrix tolerance and unmatched interference removal, delivering fast, accurate, and consistently reproducible results, even for trace metals.


Concepts & Fundamentals

Learn about ICP-MS principles, concepts and their main components, as well as best practices, Tips & Tricks.



The principles of ICP-MS


This is How you ICP-MS: Mastering the Art of Cone Performance

Executive Overview


Tips & Tricks

A collection of useful guides.

Guidelines for Trouble Shooting and Maintenance of ICP-MS Systems


Agilent ICP-MS Interactive Troubleshooting tool for Low sensitivity


The secret way to double-check an ICP-MS result without rerunning the sample

How to do an ICP-MS analysis from outside the lab

How to dilute ICPMS samples without using liquid diluent

Using Helium mode to deal with tricky chemistry in ICP-MS analysis

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