Modernise Your Lab with Intelligent Software

To move into the digital age, you need software that can help you manage the growing amount of data generated by the modern lab. The right tools help turn that data into actionable insights and keep your lab operating efficiently. Today’s laboratory software solutions need to easily migrate data and methods from aging platforms and simplify data analysis and reporting tasks.

This webinar explores key features laboratory software must have to meet the demands of today’s laboratory. It also discusses the best process to migrate methods and data to the latest software platform. Another touchpoint is how to increase productivity and accessibility of instruments through a modern cloud-based architecture.



Kathleen O’Dea
Application Engineer
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Kathleen O’Dea has a 20-year history with Agilent’s OpenLab products. As an Informatics Application Engineer, Kathleen has visited customers around the world in a wide variety of market areas, helping them select and implement OpenLab software products.

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