Novel Front-end Strategies to Increase Sample Throughput in LC/MS

Imagine if you could perform ‘LC/MS’ analysis in a comparable time to Usain Bolt’s 100-metre world record!  Over the last 15 years through iterative technological product enhancements and by the replacement of a traditional UHPLC with a simple sample cleanup step, the RapidFire system has accelerated MS analyses in many fields ranging from HTS, ADME, biopharma, synthetic biology, food, and the life sciences.

However, sometimes when there is an unavoidable requirement for good chromatographic separation, then an alternative, low-cost strategy exploiting Ultra-Fast LC can be adopted to reduce analysis times from minutes to seconds. This webinar presents the new RapidFire400 system for HTS and will contrast its analytical merits to the complimentary Ultra-Fast LC approach.


What you will learn

•    How the RapidFire400 meets the needs of  today’s high throughput requirements
•    Learn how a standard Agilent LC can be configured to the Ultra-Fast LC mode
•    Understand the advantages and limitations of both high sample throughput strategies


Andreas Mielcarek
Pre-Sales Applications Scientist


Andreas Mielcarek is a pre-sales Applications Scientist with Agilent Technologies. He has been with Agilent for 5 years developing LC, RapidFire, and mass spec methods on a wide range of molecules. Prior to joining Agilent, he worked as a LC-MS Core-facility scientist at the University Marburg, were he obtained his PhD in bioanalytical chemistry.


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