Accelerating Drug Development, QC & Manufacturing

During this webinar we will describe the newest breakthrough technologies and applications of Raman, Laser based Infrared and UV-Vis Spectroscopy in Pharma.

This will include use of transmission Raman as an alternative to UPHPLC for content uniformity and polymorph studies. Furthermore, use of a next generation IR instrument using a quantum cascade laser will be described for chemical imaging studies including analysis of tablet component distribution, polymorph distribution, salt exchange and stability studies. New breakthrough technologies for ultra-fast and productive parallel temperature based kinetic studies, protein folding, DNA melting and other temperature related UV-Vis measurements will end this overview.


Jan Wülfken
Product Specialist – Molecular Spectroscopy
Agilent Technologies

Dr. Wuelfken has worked for many years as Product Specialist for Agilent Technolgies in many region of the world, supporting Molecular ( Raman FTIR, Fluorescence nad UV-Vis/NIR) Spectroscopy business.


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Forensics Series Part 3: Using UV-Vis as a Rapid Screen for the Purity of a Drug of Abuse – Methamphetamine

In the world of Forensic Analysis, purity is an important calculation.  Using UV-Vis as a rapid screening technique for methamphetamine allows labs to optimize their time which is critical due to increase caseloads. The Cary 60 and 18-cell changer or fiber optic probe is ideal for this application. This presentation will look at the mechanics behind using the Cary 60 to determine the purity of a methamphetamine sample.



Mark Fisher, PhD, Application Engineer, Molecular Spectroscopy, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Mark, an Application Scientist for Agilent Technologies, has over 30 years of experience in molecular spectroscopy. He has held roles in Agilent’s UV-Vis-NIR, fluorescence, and atomic absorption product portfolios. In addition to identifying industry trends and new business needs, Mark’s responsibilities include application development, pre and post-sales support, as well as acting as a customer advocate for new product and technology opportunities. Mark received his doctorate in analytical chemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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