Accelerating Drug Development, QC & Manufacturing

During this webinar we will describe the newest breakthrough technologies and applications of Raman, Laser based Infrared and UV-Vis Spectroscopy in Pharma.

This will include use of transmission Raman as an alternative to UPHPLC for content uniformity and polymorph studies. Furthermore, use of a next generation IR instrument using a quantum cascade laser will be described for chemical imaging studies including analysis of tablet component distribution, polymorph distribution, salt exchange and stability studies. New breakthrough technologies for ultra-fast and productive parallel temperature based kinetic studies, protein folding, DNA melting and other temperature related UV-Vis measurements will end this overview.



Jan Wülfken
Product Specialist – Molecular Spectroscopy
Agilent Technologies

Dr. Wuelfken has worked for many years as Product Specialist for Agilent Technolgies in many region of the world, supporting Molecular ( Raman FTIR, Fluorescence nad UV-Vis/NIR) Spectroscopy business.


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