Accelerating Drug Development, QC & Manufacturing

During this webinar we will describe the newest breakthrough technologies and applications of Raman, Laser based Infrared and UV-Vis Spectroscopy in Pharma.

This will include use of transmission Raman as an alternative to UPHPLC for content uniformity and polymorph studies. Furthermore, use of a next generation IR instrument using a quantum cascade laser will be described for chemical imaging studies including analysis of tablet component distribution, polymorph distribution, salt exchange and stability studies. New breakthrough technologies for ultra-fast and productive parallel temperature based kinetic studies, protein folding, DNA melting and other temperature related UV-Vis measurements will end this overview.


Jan Wülfken
Product Specialist – Molecular Spectroscopy
Agilent Technologies

Dr. Wuelfken has worked for many years as Product Specialist for Agilent Technolgies in many region of the world, supporting Molecular ( Raman FTIR, Fluorescence nad UV-Vis/NIR) Spectroscopy business.


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Manufacturing, Research & Development | Polymers, Composites & Plastics

Reliable analyses of polymer manufacturing materials are vital to ensure product performance. Due to the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in workflows, it is essential to run accurate analytical processes that can quickly ascertain quality. Agilent’s reliable and robust range of instrumentation offers a solution for every stage of the polymer process.



Polymers and Rubbers Application Compendium

Applications Compendium

Rapid Screening Workflow for Phthalates in Plastics by GC/MSD in Under Six Minutes

Application Brief

A new approach to sample preparation free micro ATR FTIR chemical imaging of polymer laminates

Application Note

Quantitative analysis of copolymers using FTIR

Application Note

Determination of percent polyethylene in polyethylene/polypropylene blends using cast film FTIR techniques

Application Note

Manufacturing, Research & Development | Product Quality and Defect Analysis

Fast and flexible analysis of surface treatments and coatings is vital to ensure product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Flexibility of both mobile and in-lab analysis provides fast and efficient measurement at the point of production, for products that cannot be moved to the lab, and for treatments on large surfaces. Manufacturers need solutions that will increase the speed of coatings and surface treatment analysis processes without sacrificing quality of output, and Chemetrix’s industry-leading product offering of instruments for both laboratory and portable measurement provides unprecedented flexibility across a range of applications.



Identification and Evaluation of Coatings Using Hand-held FTIR

Application Note

Aerospace Analyzer


Manufacturing, Research & Development | Specialty Films & Coatings

Speciality films and coatings used across industries all require uniformity and consistency. From the deposition of your thin films to the quality analysis and control of your finished products, Chemetrix offers instruments to help produce your highest quality products.



Spectrophotometric Spatial Profiling of Coated Optical Wafers

Application Note

Coated Wafer Mapping Using UV-Vis Spectral Reflection and Transmission Measurements

Application Note