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Metabolism, Cancer Metabolism, Host-Pathogen Metabolism, Stem-Cell Immune Metabolism.



Agilent Seahorse XF Live-Cell Metabolism Solutions for Immunology Research

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Agilent Seahorse XF Live-Cell Metabolism Solutions for Cancer Research

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Glycolytic Suppression – The Impact of Metabolic Modulation on Neural Stem Cell Fate

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Discover the Drivers of Cell Fate, Function, and Fitness Agilent Seahorse XF analysis platform


Direct Measurements of Cellular Metabolism for Identification of Mitochondrial Drug Targets

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Cellular Metabolism | Automation Workflows

To meet your research goals, you need to consistently deliver credible results from your cell-based assays With a workflow that integrates Bravo, readymade sample preparation protocols, and Agilent microplates you can achieve greater lab efficiency and data precision for your Seahorse XFe96 assays.



Bravo Seahorse Assay Workbench Workflow Solution for Live-Cell Assay Sample Preparation

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Maximizing Efficiency and Performance of Seahorse XF Assays with the Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform

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Bravo Automated Workflow for Seahorse XFe96 Sample Preparation