Ultra-High Sensitivity for Targeted Mass Spectrometry Applications

The Evosep One is a powerful and standardized platform for LCMS workflows that require a sensitivity boost achieved at low flow rates between 100nl/min to 4ul/min. The robustness and throughput of the standardized methods on the Evosep One combined with the sensitivity of the Agilent 6495C triple quadrupole support targeted analysis of proteomes with ultra-high sensitivity down to the single cell level.

We demonstrated this by targeting selected peptides in a complex background of sub-nanogram material and generated dilution curves spanning several orders of magnitude. To ensure seamless integration of the Evosep One with the Agilent 6495C triple quadrupole, we have developed a native driver for MassHunter and a robust solution for the Agilent nanoflow ion source.


 What you will learn

•    The application of the Evosep One chromatography system to high-throughput analysis of large cohorts.
•    How there is a growing demand for high throughput and standardized workflows to allow  the  analysis of increasingly large cohorts of samples for proteomic research
•    How high sensitivity is achieved for the accurate measurement of low abundant biomarkers
•    How the Evotip was designed to improve efficiency and recovery associated with sample purification and loading ahead of MS analysis.


Angela McArdle
Evosep Senior Scientist
Evosep Biosystems


Angie is a proteomics scientist on the application team at Evosep BioSciences. Her work focuses on bringing standardization, throughput, and depth into translation proteomic research studies. During her PhD at University College Dublin studying proteomics in inflammatory arthritis and postdoc at Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles, Angie conducted large scale biomarker studies, where she gained considerable experience with the Evosep One and the Agilent triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.


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