SFC – Only the Solvent is Critical

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) was first developed in the 1960s, using supercritical carbon dioxide and this technology has been commercially available from Agilent for over a decade. Often known for its application to the analysis of chiral compounds, SFC is the ‘greener’ alternative over normal phase separations, further increasing the demand and acceptance of this technology.

This webinar will explain the basic scientific principles of SFC as a highly powerful liquid separation technique for the efficient separation a wide range of analytes. Examples will be given to illustrate, how an SFC system can be coupled to a mass detector to form an integrated LC/MS system to deliver high throughput applications.


 What you will learn

•    Similarities and differences between SFC and conventional HPLC
•    Why SFC is the green technique in separation sciences.
•    The advantages of SFC with application examples
•    Theoretical background to SFC
•    How to set up an SFC system with MS detection


Dr. Jens Trafkowski
Product Specialist HPLC
Agilent Technologies


Jens Trafkowski studied food chemistry and received his PhD at the Institute of Legal Medicine from the University of Bonn for his work on applications of HPLC-MS/MS in forensic and clinical toxicology.

Prior to joining Agilent in 2011, Jens spent more than 6 years as LC-MS as an application specialist in the industry before leaving to undertake a global HPLC product management responsibility at Agilent Technologies. Later, in 2017 Jens moved into his current role as an HPLC product specialist where he is based in Basel Switzerland.


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