Adding an Extra Dimension of Separation

With the increasing demand for high throughput LC/MS analyses, there is a temptation to reduce chromatographic run times, but in some instances, this can give rise to significant interferences, thus compromising the result. Or perhaps, despite improvements in column resolution you still observe a reduction in sensitivity and selectivity due to ion suppression or elevated background noise caused by matrix effects? Could it be that you need to carry out discovery work and need to confidently identify ‘unknown’ compounds using a high-resolution MS strategy?

Maybe all your analyses could benefit from further separation of sample components?

We will discuss the 6560C Ion Mobility LC/Q-TOF system and explain how it exploits ion mobility as an extra dimension of separation to increase feature coverage whilst reducing background noise to avoid losses in sensitivity. An exemplary workflow detailing a bona fide 4-dimensional LC/MS method to characterize compounds including proteins without increasing analytical run times will be described.


 What you will learn

•    The principles and benefits of ion mobility (IM) and how it can help multiple applications
•    How adding an orthogonal gas phase separation (IM) allows faster chromatography to be used to separate isobars and matrix components
•    How accurate Collisional Cross Sections (CCS) values from drift time measurements delivers higher confidence for untargeted workflows
•    How to separate and characterize different protein conformers present in a single solution


Hannah Florance
Application Scientist


In 2006, Hannah gained her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in non-covalent protein interactions in solution and the gas phase under the tutelage of Prof. Perdita Barran.

Hannah is currently an LC/MS applications specialist for Agilent, based in Cheadle, UK and has had multiple roles in the life sciences research, starting as a protein chemist, before moving into the proteomics and metabolomics fields.


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