Ensuring the Sweet Integrity of Honey Quality

Honey is a beloved golden elixir that is seeing a growing demand worldwide. As one of nature’s food wonders, this natural sweetener is big business and the international trade of honey is worth over 2 billion dollars.

Its sweet taste and myriad of health benefits mean honey holds a special place in the hearts of consumers worldwide. However, the rise in demand for this natural sweetener has led to increased instances of adulteration, where inferior or artificial substances are added to bulk up volumes or enhance appearance. The need for robust quality assurance measures has never been greater if we want to ensure the integrity of the honey industry and maintain the delicate symbiotic relationship between humans and the honey bee.



Dr. Liberty Sibanda
RandoxFood Diagnostics


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Dr. Christopher Mayack
Swarthmore College, Department of Biology

Dr. Robert L. Broadup

Haverford College, Department of Chemistry


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