Unlock your lab’s full potential with CrossLab Asset Monitoring

Managing the business of a lab is a whole other science and it’s time-consuming. Controlling costs, and budget and making sure the laboratory meets its business growth goals is a challenge.

The operational data you collect from your instruments is a valuable tool for improving many areas of performance. However, manually collecting sets of data and relying on paper-based aggregation will not give you a complete understanding of your lab efficiency and productivity.

Agilent CrossLab Asset Monitoring capabilities pull together advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology and data analytics to enable lab-wide visibility. In this webinar, discover how to recognise the hidden costs of not collecting instrument usage data. It will also explore how to use lab-wide instrument data to make capital expense decisions, reduce operational expenses, and improve productivity. An important point of discussion will be how internet-of-things (IoT) technology is available today to help lab managers measure instrument usage. This webinar is ideal for Lab Operations Managers, Operations Directors or persons in Head of Operations roles.



Tim Baxter
Marketing Manager
CrossLab Connect Asset Monitoring
Agilent Technologies


Michael Farrell
Project Manager, Data Visualization and Insights
Agilent Technologies



Laura Bush
Editorial Director


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