CE/MS: From Small Ions to Biomolecules – Think CE!

Capillary Electrophoresis is extremely well suited to the separation of charged molecules whether they are small pesticide metabolites (<110 Da)  or large biomolecules such as whole proteins and antibody-based drugs (>150KDa). The technique is characterized by high-efficiency separations, allowing high peak capacity, and speed, only requiring very small sample volumes (ca. 10ul).

When coupled with Mass Spectrometry, CE/MS provides maximum separation power and sensitivity for compound identification, particularly when coupled to High-Resolution QTOF MS instrumentation. This webinar will provide a direct comparison of CE with LC separations and will highlight areas of complementarity and orthogonality. With examples of analyses ranging from small pesticide metabolites to antibody-drug investigations and specialized isoelectric focusing applications (cIEF), this webinar will demonstrate the true power of CE/MS in a modern laboratory.


 What you will learn

•    When to use CE separations over UHPLC
•    How to couple CE to MS
•    Why CEMS is Complementary to LCMS.
•    How cIEF can be used with mass spectrometry


Gordon Ross
Application Scientist


Gordon has worked in the field of separation sciences using CE and LC since the 1980’s and with mass spectrometry for 25 years. He has been with Agilent for 28 years and is currently a Senior Applications Scientist. He has worked in many analytical areas from metabolomics to environmental analysis and has interests in Target, Suspect and Non-Target Screening using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry.


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