Chemetrix supports The Children’s Hospital Trust

According to Arrive Alive, 20 children are hospitalised due to trauma and bone injuries. In 2019, The Road Traffic Management Corporation also reported 45,000 children being hospitalised due to head, neck, and abdominal injuries. The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital treats many of these patients and Chemetrix is proud to support this organisation in its life-saving work.

On 23 September 2023, Chemetrix was able to make a donation to the Children’s Hospital Trust, with the support of our customers. These funds have been allocated to the Orthopaedic Unit Project at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. It will aid in the building of a new 30-bed Orthopaedic Unit to accommodate all ortho patients within one facility. The unit will give Orthopaedic patients a chance to regain their mobility and freedom of movement. Education and training for medical and para-medical services form part of these services.

The hospital remains the only specialised paediatric facility in the Western Cape, treating all little Orthopaedic patients. Through the new Orthopaedic Unit, patients will have access to the multidisciplinary team comprised of surgeons, physiotherapists, dieticians, and occupational therapists during one single visit – saving the parents both time and money.

Time was especially important for little Fayaad. He was hit by a motor vehicle while crossing the road with his father and it was a 13-minute drive from the scene of the accident to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Within half an hour of arriving, Fayaad was examined. He was able to go home within the same day following X-rays and a cast being fitted on his injured leg. Orthopaedic clinics at the hospital will ensure he will regain optimal use of his leg as he continues to grow.

Above chronic and hereditary bone abnormality treatments, the hospital also cares for acute trauma injuries. The specialised services and multidisciplinary care are aimed at helping these little ones go on to live healthier and normalised lives. For now and in the future, Chemetrix hopes that its contribution to the Orthopaedic Unit will bring the joy of movement and smiles back to many children.