TOC and Conductivity Analysis: Back to Basics

This webinar is designed to get back to basics as a refresher for seasoned users or as an introduction for those new to total organic carbon (TOC) and conductivity analysis, USP <643>, and USP <645>.

Join this interactive discussion to learn practical tips for day-to-day use of TOC for compendial water testing and cleaning validation.Total organic carbon (TOC) and conductivity analysis can be used in a variety of applications and are very useful in assessing cleanliness, water quality, and process performance.

It is compulsory for manufactures to abide by the regulations for TOC and conductivity, however, not all end users understand how the technology works and why it is important. In this webinar we’ll cover the basics and provide quick tips for success from the user’s perspective.


This webinar will cover:

  • Regulations: Understanding USP <643> Total Organic Carbon, USP <645> Conductivity, data integrity, and regulatory expectations for cleaning validation
  • Basic principles of TOC and conductivity: Overview of Sievers technology and applications
  • Data analysis: What story are the data telling?
  • Best practices, troubleshooting, and quick tips
  • Data integrity and validation


Who should attend:

  • QA & QC personnel
  • Validation personnel
  • Operations personnel


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