Sample Preparation

The success of any analytical laboratory technique, lies first and formemost with the integrity of the sample and secondly with sample Preparation. Learn the fundamentals and solutions Chemetrix provised to ensure analytical success


Chromatograpahy & Mass Spec

Since most samples encountered in a chromatography laboratory are not in a form to be directly placed into the analytical instrument, some form of preparation is required for nearly every sample. The sample preparation could be as simple as “dilute and shoot” or as complex as multistage sample handling. The aim of sample preparation is to provide a sample aliquot that (a) is relatively free of interferences, (b) will not damage the column or instrument and (c) is compatible with the intended analytical method. In chromatography, the sample solvent should dissolve in the HPLC mobile phase or be injectable into a GC column without affecting sample retention or resolution, the stationary phase itself, and without interfering with detection. 



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