Preventive and Routine Maintenance for Your HPLC System

Similar to our cars needing regular oil changes, tire pressure adjustments, or washer fluid top ups, our HPLC systems also need routine maintenance in order to keep them performing at their best.  Even if you pay a mechanic to change your oil or a Field Service Engineer to change your pump seals, you should still know how frequently these preventive maintenance activities need to occur.


This presentation will look at several key issues, such as:

The goal of this talk is to lay a strong and broad foundation from which to build a better understanding of your own HPLC systems and their specific maintenance needs.



Paul Altiero
Application Engineer
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Paul Altiero is an Applications Engineer located at the Agilent Little Falls site in Wilmington, DE. Prior to coming to Agilent in 2009, Paul worked in the pharmaceutical industry performing LCMS bioanalysis supporting Drug Discovery DMPK. While at Agilent, Paul has been a field service engineer for LCMS as well as the integrating program manager for the RapidFire high throughput LCMS system. In his current role Paul’s responsibilities include technical support and application assistance for LCMS consumables.


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