OpenLab CDS Webinar Series

Discover what OpenLab CDS software suite can do in your lab!

Seminar 1 – The Control Panel and Data Acquisition

The Control Panel is the gatekeeper to the system. Learn how to enable authentication to allow chemist names to be placed on reports. See how to configure a system in a compliant environment and restrict users’ access to instruments and data. Understand the use of Roles and Privileges to refine what users can do. Understand the need, creation, and use of Projects. Explore how to set up an Acquisition Method for a virtual 3-D HPLC and a virtual 7890 GC. Explore the software features that have been designed to help minimize sequence creation time and eliminate costly typographical errors.


Seminar 2 – Data Analysis

Explore the new look and feel of the Data Analysis engine. Become acquainted with Integration Parameters and how to create a calibration curve for quantitation. Investigate new software tools such as Peak Explorer, UV and MS Spectral capabilities, library searching and matching, peak purity, and more. Learn how to combine information from multiple results sets to track trends across time and instrumentation.


Seminar 3 – Custom Calculator and Reporting

Stop doing your calculations in Excel. Learn how to set up calculations in the Custom Calculator and Intelligent Reporter. Explore the differences between the two portions of software and understand where and when to use each. Customize individual injection reports. Explore how to create a sequence report with separate sections for standards and samples so statistics like average and standard deviation can be calculated across injections in a sequence.


Session 4 – OpenLab CDS for MS Data

OpenLab CDS can control both LC/MS (SQ) and GC/MS (SQ) instruments in your lab. Learn the Data Analysis workflow tips on how to most effectively and efficiently analyze MS-specific data.



Richard Mutkoski
Laboratory Informatics Application Engineer
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Richard Mutkoski has been a field representative for over 27 years for both hardware and software. In his current role as an informatics application engineer, Rich presents technical solutions of the OpenLab suite of products to customers worldwide. Prior to his tenure at Agilent Rich spent 15 years in a variety of pharma QA/QC and R&D positions, providing him a unique understanding of those workflows, bottlenecks, and challenges.

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