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Lipidomics is the comprehensive and quantitative measurement of lipids present in an organism. Lipids are key to cell membrane function, energy storage, and cell signaling. To understand the lipidome, it is desirable to characterize all lipids present. However, the diverse chemical nature and large number of possible lipids creates a substantial analytical challenge. The inherent complexity of lipidomics data sets requires advanced hardware and software tools for data analysis. Agilent introduces lipid-specific software for the Agilent LC/MS profiling lipidomics workflow.



Greater Insight into Lipid Metabolism

Applications Compendium

Lipidomics Analysis with Lipid Annotator and Mass Profiler Professional

Technical Overview

Lipidomic Analysis of Human Plasma Using Bond Elut Lipid Extraction with the Agilent 6545 LC/Q-TOF

Application Note

LC/MS Method for Comprehensive Analysis of Plasma Lipids

Application Note


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