New to HPLC? Tips for Avoiding Beginner Pitfalls

Operating an HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) system can be overwhelming for a new user. There are numerous pitfalls or “gotchas.” Even the matter of which tubing and fittings are compatible, and which are not, can pose a serious impediment to successfully operating the HPLC.

In this discussion, we will cover:



Rita Steed
Application Engineer
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Rita Steed began supporting the LC column line for Agilent in 1999. As a Chromatography Specialist (first with Chromatography, Inc., then directly for Agilent), Rita worked on-site with researchers in Pharmaceutical and other industries presenting technical seminars and assisting researchers with troubleshooting and method development. Rita has over 20 years of Chromatography experience in the Biotechnology, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical industries. She has held positions in Research, Sales, and Technical Service. Rita has earned degrees in Microbiology and Life Sciences/Biochemistry. In her current position, she is an inside Application Engineer supporting LC columns.

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