Industrialising High-Throughput Glycoproteomics Using AI for Clinical Use

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and there is a great movement globally to develop new treatments and advance how cancer is diagnosed. Technology has been a great help, particularly in recent years, and now there’s new innovation that could take our cancer diagnosis and treatment to a new level.

According to an article published by The Guardian, doctors, scientists and researchers have built an artificial intelligence model that can accurately identify cancer in a development they say could speed up diagnosis of the disease and fast-track patients to treatment. This is but one of many new developments that include AI technology in cancer diagnosis as well as treatment.

In this webinar, we learn the predictive powers of artificial intelligence combined with cutting-edge mass spectrometry to discover clinically relevant biomarkers that can only be revealed by high-resolution analysis of the glycoproteome. This presentation is for all who are interested to learn more about the real-world clinical application of glycoproteomics on cancer diagnosis.



Dr. Low Ley Hian
Director of Development
InterVenn Biosciences


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