Customer Stories | Jimmy Woodley

How many GCs can one lab need? In all the years Chemetrix has been supplying top-quality instruments to labs across the country, there’s one customer who surprised us with an ambitious request.

Jimmy Woodley is the now retired lab manager of the chromatography division of Sasol in Secunda. He guided the division through a period of incredible growth and, when he decided to take his team to the next level, he trusted Chemetrix to help equip his lab with Agilent GCs to set them far apart from any other operation in South Africa.

By the time Jimmy retired, his division was working with 160 dual channel GCs and, at a stage, he had over 40 Agilent GCs in a single order. This was a customer relationship that spanned years and Chemetrix had the honour of working with Jimmy and his team to drive the growth of their analysis as well as enhance their capabilities as a laboratory.

Watch Jimmy tell the story in his own words and reflect on a fond relationship with the team at Chemetrix.

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