Beverage Analysis | Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Preservatives such as benzoic acid and sorbic acid are added to extend the shelf life of products, sweeteners are added to replace sugars, while stimulants such as caffeine may be added to increase alertness. Addition of all of these ingredients are subject to regulations, and need to be controlled in food, beverage, and consumer products. Also, in most countries it is a requirement by helalth authorities that the Ca and Na content be labeled on packaged food and beverages. These labeling requirements, as well as the typical quality control analyses carried out by manufacturers, demonstrate the need for simple, cost-effective, sensitive, accurate, precise, and high sample throughput methods for non-alcholic beverage analyses.



Determination of Sweeteners, Preservatives, and Caffeine in Various Food and Consumer Products Using the Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC

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Analysis of Food Additives in Beverages Using Syringe Filter Filtration and HPLC

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Determination of Ca, K, and Na in Soft Drinks Using MP-AES

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