Agilent BioTek 50 TS Washer

The Agilent BioTek 50 TS washer brings high quality and excellent automated washing to your laboratory at an affordable price. The robust design, easy-to-use software and excellent performance are typical of Agilent BioTek microplate washers. Ideal for use as an ELISA washer, the system is also well suited for cell-based assay washing. The 50 TS can process biomagnetic or polystyrene bead and vacuum filtration protocols as well.

The colour touch screen provides a visual interface that makes creating protocols fast and intuitive. When used with the 800 TS absorbance reader or other detection system, the 50 TS delivers convenience and high-quality results to your laboratory plate washing workflows.

Agilent BioTek MultiFlo FX Multimode Dispenser

Agilent BioTek MultiFlo FX is an automated multimode reagent dispenser for 6- to 1536-well microplates. The system incorporates several unique technologies in its modular design, such as Parallel Dispense, random access dispense (RAD) and patented Automated Media Exchange (AMX) modules. The technologies in MultiFlo FX microplate dispenser enable many liquid handling applications from 2D and 3D cell culture. A fully configured MultiFlo FX replaces up to five liquid handlers, saving space, time, and instrumentation budgets.

Agilent BioTek 405 LS Washer

The Agilent BioTek 405 LS washer has a well-earned reputation as an economical plate washer that offers excellent performance and reliability. Washing protocols range from gentle cell washing to vigorous ELISA workflows. The Agilent BioTek 405 LS has a simple user interface for creation and execution of wash, dispense, aspirate, and maintenance protocols within the extensive onboard software. For use under computer control, Agilent BioTek Liquid Handling Control ‘LHC’ software used with the 405 LS is available in standard and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant versions. The optional Agilent BioTek BioStack is available for walk-away automation of up to 50 microplates.

Not available from Chemetrix in Kenya.

Agilent BioTek 405 TS Washer 

The Agilent BioTek 405 TS washer has an excellent reputation in life science research for outstanding results in many applications. The Agilent BioTek 405 TS has a unique set of features designed to efficiently wash cell-based assays, microsphere-based assays, and ELISA applications. Programming and operation via the touchscreen interface is intuitive and simple. The patented Verify technology automatically checks for manifold tube blockages before a wash cycle, and Ultrasonic Advantage automatically cleans any blocked manifold tubes. These functions save time and eliminate frustration while ensuring successful results.

Not available from Chemetrix in Kenya.

Agilent BioTek EL406 Washer Dispenser

The Agilent BioTek EL406 washer dispenser is a compact instrument offering fast, full plate washing along with three reagent dispensers. The Agilent BioTek EL406 capabilities include washing and dispensing for standard assays, plus biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtration protocols. The Dual-Action manifold optimizes washing for loosely adherent cell monolayers. The patented Ultrasonic Advantage prevents blockages in the manifold tubes before washing, to reduce assay failure. This modular plate washer dispenser offers flexibility with both syringe pump and peristaltic pump dispensers, along with plate washing, on a single platform.

Not available from Chemetrix in Kenya.

Agilent BioTek 406 FX Washer Dispenser

The Agilent BioTek 406 FX washer dispenser is a compact instrument offering fast, full plate washing along with up to six reagent dispensers. The Dual-Action manifold optimizes washing for a variety of cell types, in addition to biomagnetic protocols in plate configurations ranging from 96- to 1536-well. The non-contact plate dispensing capabilities offer maximum flexibility, including up to four syringe pumps and two peristaltic pump dispensers that enable rapid dispensing of reagents, cells and other precious reagents. Left and right side plate access on the instrument allows option for automation.

Not available from Chemetrix in Kenya.