XT-9920 Microwave Digestion System

The XT-9920 Microwave digestion system collects the features of high-throughout and high-pressure digestion, not only able to digest difficult and complex samples, but also can meet the demands of large batch digestion. All individual digestion vessels can be accessed separately without moving the entire rotor, to avoid any interaction during digestion. No extra consumption in consumables due to automatic pressure-relief mechanism on all vessels.

XT-9930 Microwave Digestion System

The XT-9930 top-loaded microwave digestion system delivers a high-throughput sample pre-treatment solution for analysis of trace metal elements based on all your needs. It utilizes precise temperature and contactless pressure sensors for real-time monitoring to ensure reliability, safeguarding the users with comprehensive safety protections. The XT-9930 is also compatible with various rotors and vessels and flexible to different sample matrices and applications, such as food, soil, pharmaceuticals as well as cosmetics.

XT-iMD Microwave Digestion System

Compared with conventional digestion using hot block, microwave digestion, as an efficient sample pretreatment method, has the advantages of fast and uniform heating, less reagent required, low blank, energy saving and high efficiency.

XTrust XT-iMD Microwave Digestion System is forged on the basis of a decade’s experience of mid-infrared temperature control technology in the microwave field, widely applicable for laboratories and various conditions. It’s characterized by high digestion efficiency, multiple safety protection and wide application range.